Each day has its on challenges, mostly we just go through them with our eyes closed but deeply praying for strength and courage to to just okay even if we are not. Every person you meet has has something going on with them that stresses them very much ,sometimes such people are rude and violent all because they don’t know how to handle their pressures. We are told to understand such people but i feel it’s not right for someone to be rude and violent with others just because of that. We all need to control our feeling and treat others right even if we are not okay. its okay not to be okay but we need to be kind to others.

I’m Tired

I have been in Lusaka for a week now, and honestly its been tiring for me. I have to meet Jabulani who stays in Foxdale and i stay in Chalala. Getting to Foxdale is like travelling to another town and yet both town are within Lusaka. I get on a bus from Chalala to...




Chibesa doesn’t talk much, sometimes people see that as being boring but she talks more when she gets get comfortable with the people aroud her. she doesn’t like the spotlight ,in most cases you will find her at the back. She enjoys nice foods, mostly you will find her eating junk foods and Pizza is her favourite.

I'm on my way.

by Jennifer Lopez